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MNYCA is an industry association whose member companies are comprised of small, medium and large paint and coatings manufacturers and suppliers. The association is designed intended to represent the interests of its members and provide support and value to its membership through events, activities and business and educational opportunities. You and your business will benefit from membership in a number of ways.

Membership Benefits

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MNYCA strives to enhance the lives and businesses of coatings industry professionals. We do this by providing members with a well-spring of opportunity to stay current, network and engage with like-minded colleagues, and become a part of a 128 year old tradition that is growing stronger with each passing year.

    • Stay current with concise, targeted workshops that provide key industry news and business improvement information as well as timely access to expert opinion on industry-related issues.
    • Outstanding networking opportunities to stay connected with other manufacturers and suppliers in the paint and coatings industry.
    • social events that include our annual golf outing, sporting events, annual dinner & meeting, architectural tour, holiday party, plant tours and designated representative and panel discussions.
    • Included with MNYCA Membership
      • Quarterly News ‘n Views newsletter and archive
      • A complimentary annual Membership Directory
      • College scholarship award opportunity for graduating high school seniors
      • Access to Members Only page and discussion forum
      • Job fair opportunities
      • Sponsorship opportunities
      • Peer recognition & awards


MNYCA provides its membership with ample social and networking opportunities. Most often, MNYCA events are open to member and non-member guests and are geared toward encouraging collaboration as well as fostering cohesiveness within the industry.

  • Workshops, forums & panel discussions
  • Annual Golf Outing
  • Annual Dinner & Meeting (Peer recognition awards ceremony)
  • Annual Holiday Party (Peer recognition awards ceremony)
  • Architectural tours of landmark buildings or museums
  • Bi-annual sporting events
  • Plant tours
  • The Eastern Coatings Show

Forums & Workshops

MNYCA provides essential learning through forums, workshops and webinars. While access is open to both members and non-members, the fees are reduced for member companies and members can suggest topic tracks to the association for future events. Additionally, certain educational events are held throughout the year for members only.


MNYCA definitely made Muralo Company more competitive over the years. I have learned a tremendous amount from my fellow members: both from their success and mistakes. There is a lot of satisfaction in supporting the industry. I have made a lot of connections and longtime friends in the industry.

Jim Norton,
Muralo Company

I have gained much knowledge, many friends, and a better understanding of the coatings industry by being a member these past 20 years. The resources available for products, personal networking and business opportunities are invaluable to me.

Michael Schnurr,
National Paint Industries

I joined the MNYCA several years ago at the urging of Membership Chairman, Mike Schnurr. I didn’t know what to expect, but I found a group of enthusiastic Coatings Industry leaders all of whom worked hard to make the MNYCA relevant and of high value to its membership. I am proud to be a part of such a dynamic and growing organization.

Rick Mazzariello,
Enrichem Specialties, LLC

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